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Langford Productions Porsche 911 Sports Car Photo Booth Hire For Your Event

We have managed to fit a professional Canon DSLR camera, dye sublimation print system and touch screen control unit into a Porsche sports car

Taxi Cab Photo Booths for hire in the North East, The Midlands, London, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and the rest of the UK

Do you honestly want to hire a photobooth in a box, when you can hire a photobooth in a Porsche 911 sports car.

Strictly speaking this isn’t a booth, but a sophisticated green screen system, we take a genuine Porsche 911 convertible, set it up in front of a green screen , add a boom mounted fan to blow the guests hair about to simulate the car at speed, and finish it off with a touch screen control system and tripod mounted camera.

Four pictures are taken, with the computer system using the same process as Hollywood special effects teams employ, to remove the green screen from the image and add various scenes of the Porsche speeding along roads.

Additionally all of our Photo Booths can be set to;

Porsche green screen
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